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Empower Youth Through Leadership Development

The purpose of the program is to involve boys in positive interaction with positive successful men in preparation for adolescence and adulthood.

In our program we encourage young men to set goals for college or for an occupation; we support and help them achieve these goals. Our teams of mentors work in group settings so that everyone gets the knowledge of what it takes to succeed. Everyone has the opportunity to become a leader and given the proper resources these young men will be all they can be. 


We feel compelled to address the problems plaguing our at-risk youth. We must recognize not only their worth but also their significance for survival of their families. They are our hope for the future.

Coming of Kings

"Teaching young men to be the leaders they were born to be"

We will instill pride and hope in our young men to enable them to be productive community leaders to influence their family and peers.  As families are influenced, the communities will change.  Making good decisions begins with getting information, we will provide that information through our mentoring programs.

We will provide our young men positive images within the community that will assist them in cultivating and developing leadership skills that will allow them to grow in wisdom and stature.

  • Teaching and Mentoring

  • Recreational activities (Playing Chess)

  • Social Learning and Cultural Awareness

How We Impact Our Youth
Who We Are

Coming of Kings is a mentoring program designed to empower young men through leadership development. We are made up of a team of successful mentors committed to helping the youth achieve at their highest potential by setting goals, then attaining those goals.

Young men ages 10 to 19 living in Harford county seeking mentoring is welcome to enroll.  An enrollment form must be filled out.

How to Enroll

Looking for men who at one time during adolescents, were labeled at risk or troubled youth.  We need speakers and anyone who is willing to spend an hour of their time to have discussions with our youth. 


Please become a volunteer in changing a youth life. 

Join Us
Edgewood Recreational Center
1980 Brookside Drive
Edgewood, MD 21040
Every Saturday
1:00pm to 3:00pm

Coming of Kings will continue to take all precautionary measures to keep our youths safe as COVID-19 continues to fluctuate.

Donate Today

Making a donation is easy and can be done online or by contacting the organization.  Your contribution directly supports the youth and the programs and helps empower young men for a better future.  

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