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Coming of Kings provide cultural, social, and educational programs for young boys to be successful in society. The programs will give these young men direction so they can focus on their future.  We will provide brain challenging games that measure their cognitive abilities and have open discussion for social skills.  Each week we will present a different speaker for inspiration and guidance. We will introduce different occupations to choose from and educate them on the skill set of the occupations. 
The greatest barriers in most young men lives are crime, family support, male role models, and lack of financial resources. We have a strong base of successful mentors that are committed to developing young boys into future leaders and helping then to overcome their barriers. 
Since Coming of Kings is a charitable non-profit organization, please know that donations such as yours are only used for programs for our youth.  Your support and contribution will help provide the resources and tools to develop these young men into successful and confident leaders.  Without your donations, we would not be able to exist as a community organization, serving the needs of hundreds of youth looking to live a crime-free and self-sufficient life.
Donate Today And Help Empower Young Men For A Better Future
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