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Apr 03, 2022
In Do It All From Your Phone
Next step is to plan your coaching programs. What exactly are you going Buy Email Database to do to help your customers? Are you going to offer lectures, get people to do hands-on exercise, offer Buy Email Database question and answer, or do case studies? I suggest that you look at the goal of the program and decide the best, fastest ways to achieve them. Choose the mediums. The good thing about online coaching is that you have so many options to Buy Email Database choose from when deciding on the medium. You can use email, phone, video conferencing, etc. Again, make Buy Email Database decisions based on the preferences of your potential clients. You see, giving in to their needs and demands is the best way to win their business. Commit yourself to giving your clients great learning experience. Make your programs memorable for your clients. Teach them in a way that they'll have fun. For example, when you're doing presentation, make it lively by encouraging Buy Email Database people to join the discussion and by using your great sense of humor. You would want these people to walk away convinced that they did not make a mistake in signing up with your programs. This is the key to get them to come back and to get them to recommend your programs to their friends.


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